Class EasyLicenseAgreement

  extended by org.psychomad.psycholib.ui.EasyLicenseAgreement

public abstract class EasyLicenseAgreement
extends java.lang.Object

This class allow to use a window to validate (or not) the user license agreement.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static boolean askLicenseAgreement()
          Ask the user to accept the license.
static boolean checkLicense()
static boolean checkLicense(java.lang.String licenseAgreementFilename)
          Allow to check if the license had been accepted by the user.
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Constructor Detail


public EasyLicenseAgreement()
Method Detail


public static boolean checkLicense()
See Also:
checkLicense( String )


public static boolean checkLicense(java.lang.String licenseAgreementFilename)
Allow to check if the license had been accepted by the user. In fact this method look at a variable in a resource file, and return its value (true = already accepted; false = NOT already accepted). If the file doesn't exist it returns false.

licenseAgreementFilename - the filename where to read/store the license agreement.
true if the license had been accepted, false otherwise.


public static boolean askLicenseAgreement()
Ask the user to accept the license. If he does, a value is save (to true value) in order to remind his agreement. Otherwise nothing append, but generally the application should close itself.

true if the user accept the license, false otherwise.

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